Business insights from top Ghanaian architect

Nana Akua Birmeh is the founder of Ghanaian architecture firm ArchXenus – one of the largest and most awarded firms in the country. She is among the 25 businesspeople featured in HOW WE MADE IT IN AFRICA: THE BOOK, which tells the stories of entrepreneurs who've built thriving businesses.

Here are five key takeaways from this celebrated businesswoman's chapter in the book.

1. Let your work speak for itself – having a good product or service in the market is better than any amount of advertising. 

2. Don't leave third-party work, which can reflect negatively on your business, over to chance. In Birmeh's case, this means supervising the construction of her buildings.

3. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. You can still achieve professional success by working in a company you didn't start yourself.

4. Many people try to live up to the image of a superhero entrepreneur who has built everything on their own. However, you can't do everything yourself, otherwise the product or management will suffer. You need people to help you.

5. Create an inclusive workplace where all employees take ownership of what happens in the business.

To learn more about Birmeh's business journey, get your copy of HOW WE MADE IT IN AFRICA: THE BOOK. Ebook and paperback available here.