The story of South Africa's Ashley Uys is a must-read for all business-minded individuals

This week we completed the first draft of South African entrepreneur Ashley Uys’s profile for How we made it in Africa: The book.

Uys, now 36, is the entrepreneur behind three companies that manufacture, market and distribute low-cost medical and drug abuse diagnostic test kits. Before the age of 30, he developed a malaria testing kit that gives an early diagnosis of the strain and indicates how well the medication is working.

Our profile is an informative and inspiring account of how Uys identified gaps, made plans and negotiated his way to business success.

“It starts with passion and then it comes down to understanding your market. Do proper market research, understand that market inside out, know all the competitors in that market and see if it’s viable for you to enter that market,” Uys stated in a previous interview.

Ashley Uys’s story is a must-read for any entrepreneur and business-minded individual.

Ashley is one of the 25 business people featured in How we made it in Africa: The book, which tells the stories of entrepreneurs who've built thriving ventures. The ebook launched on 15 October 2018.